I have received specialized training in the treatment of Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge-Eating Disorder and Eating Disorders, not otherwise specified. My approach to eating disorders is to focus holistically on your treatment needs. Although we will check in regarding goals, meal plans, weight (if appropriate) and your physical health; treatment will more fully focus on your emotional life. What has led to the development of disordered eating concerns? What keeps you stuck in the disorder? How can we help you to regain your life without the eating disorder?


I have always found that eating disorders are never really about the food. I view disordered eating as a symptom of a larger concern. And at one point, your food, exercise or body behaviors were probably helpful in coping with whatever it was that may have led you to feel unworthy, out of control or unhappy. Let's work together to tailor your treatment specifically to your needs. You are capable of having a fulfilling life in which you have confidence, healthy relationships and peace with your body. 


Therapy can also be highly beneficial for individuals who do not meet criteria for disordered eating, but do struggle, personally with food and/or body image. Overeating, shameful eating and body dissatisfaction can also be addressed and improved with individual therapy.


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