Unfortunately experiences of trauma and abuse are more common that one would expect. Individuals who have experienced rape, sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse or molestation, domestic violence, physical abuse, verbal abuse, complex trauma or emotional abuse may experience a number of negative mental health symptoms including nightmares, headaches, fear, anxiety, depression, grief, unhealthy relationships and/or difficulty concentrating. Individual who have experienced any of these effects (or others) from experiences of trauma/abuse could greatly benefit from processing their experiences in therapy. 


I feel passionately about helping those who have had experiences of trauma or abuse. In both counseling and advocacy roles, I have assisted numerous women and men process their experiences and reduce the degree of distress they are experiencing in relation to these significant life events. You are not alone. In our work together you will receive non-judgmental support and the power to direct your treatment (including the pace of treatment and methods of recovery). 

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