In my approach to therapy I am highly integrative. Because I believe each individual is unique, it only makes sense to customize the therapy experience to the individual client. There is no "one size fits all" in my practice. That being said, what I do consistently offer is a supportive, compassionate and present relationship in which you have the opportunity to feel safe and validated. I also believe that being direct, and at times gently challenging, can be helpful to nudge you along the path which you have set for yourself. I also enjoy incorporating humor and creativity into our work. Therapy does not always have to be serious! Let’s laugh together and let’s try new things. 


In my practice I believe there are four main components that contribute to a successful experience in therapy: 


To be brave is to be be vulnerable. Starting therapy and participating in therapy is admirable. Congratulations for considering this important step in your life! Many individuals believe that to show emotion, to struggle, to ask for help or to be in therapy is a weakness. I could not disagree more. In my experience, those who have chosen to live differently, make changes and better know oneself are strong. It would be easy to stay the same, not question or seek improvement. It is BRAVE to show up. That bravery will help you to work toward the life you would like to have. 


Many individuals find themselves unhappy, in distress or stuck in their lives. Often I have noticed that one of the main reasons we feel this way is due to not allowing ourselves to be who we authentically are as human beings. Although it can be scary to be who we truly are, when we live a life in line with ourselves and our values we are free to actually live our lives. In our work you will be supported to discover and embody the authentic you.


In therapy, to "process" is to "work through." Being able to discuss, experience, and express yourself can be highly helpful to work through whatever is distressing you in your life. In your therapy process you will gain insight, be challenged yet supported, come to new understanding about yourself and the world and increase your ability to experience and manage emotions. You will likely find that "working through" is so much more productive than "getting over" your concerns for long-term healing.


The therapeutic relationship can be incredibly healing in and of itself. The support you will receive from your therapist has the power to validate and transform your negative feelings. In addition to this support, successful therapies often focus on a direction of the work. In our work, this direction will be up to you. Take a moment to imagine if you were to start the path of a new life direction, what would that be like? What could you accomplish? How would your relationships improve? How would you feel about yourself?    


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Therapy orientations from which I practice include (but are not limited to): 


Emotion Focused Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Interpersonal Process Therapy

Attachment Theory

Art Therapy

Narrative Therapy

Motivational Interviewing 


If you are interested in learning how any of these therapies may be beneficial to you, please contact me for a brief (free) consultation so we can discuss how I may best be able to assist you.

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